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Jackson Creek's Racey Kaci

Kaci is no longer a up and coming rockstar, she's there. she has a bit of her Moms alpha bitch streak. Her prey drive is off the charts.One of her strong points is her retrieving on land and water. She has a beautiful 12 o'clock tail. She is on the short list of PPs that have won a NSTRA field trial against the big running pointer and setters.

NA 110 Prize1
Hidden Acres Atlas
NA 108 II, UT 204 I, HD Free
+ Cedarwoods Molly B Good
NA 107 I, HD Free
Blackhawks Augustas McCray
NA 106 I, UT 198 II, HD Free
+ Oxbow's Bailey of Hidden Acres
NA 108 II, UT 186II, HD Free
Cedarwood's Daunting Spirit
NA 110I, UT 195I
+ Cedarwood's Ace of Diamonds
NA 112 I, HD Free
Cedarwood's Quick Release
NA 112 I, UT 174 II
VC Cedarwood's Orphan Annie
NA 102 II, UT 201 I, IT 193
Cedarwood's EZ Top
NA 102 II, UT 201 I, IT 193
Cedarwood's Legendary Luna
NA 110 I, UT 200 I
Pine Ridge's Rudy
NA 108 I, UT 200 I
Prairie Trout's Deja Vu
NA 112I, UT 201 I
Cal Valley's Ace
HD Free
Cedarwood's Versatile Playgirl
NA 110 I, UT 198 I

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