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Mission Statement

Our goal is to produce the very best Pudelpointers that can be offered in North America, for only the most serious hunters, without getting into the "puppy factory" business. We are serious about preserving and improving on the qualities and attributes that made the Pudelpointer the great versatile dog they are today.

I've been involved with Pudelpointers for the last 17 years. My job as a pheasant hunting guide lets me have the privilege to see many different breeds work in the field. I have done over 15 Navhda NA tests and have ran trials in different states. My breed of choice is still the Pudelpointer. For the all around hunting dog that can do everything well and makes a great family pet the Pudelpointer cannot be beat.

All dogs used for breeding at Jackson Creek Kennel are NAVHDA tested prior to any breedings and have had hip radiographs. A dog qualifying for breeding at Jackson Creek Kennel must: