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Cedarwood's Molly B Good

Molly has a lot of alpha female in her. It's hard for any other dog to get a retrieve with her around. Rock solid steady and will flush on command. She still has the loving personality of the family dog.

NA 107 Prize1, HD Free
Cedarwood's Daunting Spirit
NA 110 I, UT 195 I
+ Cedarwood's Ace of Diamonds
NA 112 I, HD Free
Pine Ridge's Rudy
NA 108 I, UT 190 I
+ Prairie Trout's Deja Vu
NA 112 I, UT 201 I
Cal Valley's Ace
HD Free
+ Cedarwood's Versatile Playgirl
NA 110 I, UT 198 I
Evar Z Opcizen
NA 91 II
Astra Vallova Zem
HD Free
Cedarwood's Quincy Dan
NA 112 I, UT 177 III
Prairie Trout's Bonnie
NA 107 II, HD Free
Winterhelle's Gorman
HD Free
Palomar's Bridget
NA 112 I
Cedarwood's First Offense
NA 110 I, UT 194 II
Pine Ridge's Notty Girl
NA 105 II, UT 182 III

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