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Dog Boarding and Pudelpointer Puppies in Colorado

If you live in the El Paso County section of Colorado, you may sometimes need dog boarding services. You might also feel like it’s time for a new family puppy, and if you’re looking at the Pudelpointer breed then Jackson Creek Kennel is the answer on both counts. We’re pleased to offer Peyton and Falcon residents the following services:

  • The sale of Pudelpointer pups
  • Boarding and short-term care for your dog

Reasons to Consider a New Pudelpointer Puppy?

The Pudelpointer breed has grown popular in Colorado lately because they make excellent companions, as well as hunting dogs. The handsome Pudelpointer is a cross between the English Pointer and the

German Hunting Poodle.

They are a hardy breed capable of thriving in chilly Colorado winters, and they also make for amazing family dogs and loyal friends. If you give your Pudelpointer pup plenty of exercise and a well-balanced diet, they will reward you with love and adoration. They’re even-tempered, calm, and exercise self-control around young children and other pets.

Jackson Creek Kennel is the ideal place in the El Paso County area to purchase your new Pudelpointer pup. Dale Parker, the owner and operator, is an expert dog breeder who cultivates and sells only the finest purebred Pudelpointers.

Dog Boarding Services

Whether you own a hunting dog or lap dog, you need to make sure someone is caring for them when you go out of town. If you want the premier dog boarding kennel facility in Colorado, Pudelpointer breeder Jackson Creek Kennel should be your first choice.

We will ensure that your dog gets plenty of playtime and individual attention if you ever need to go on a trip. You can visit relatives or go on vacation, secure in the knowledge that genuine dog lovers are watching over your canine companion. We’ll pamper your pet and make sure they don’t feel neglected until you get back.

We’re also fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Our facilities are specially set up so they’re as dog-friendly as possible for both the puppies we raise and the canine guests that lodge with us.

Whether you’re ready to board your beloved canine pal or you want a new Pudelpointer pup to take home, reach out to Jackson Creek Kennel today.