The Pudelpointer Dog Breeder in Colorado

The Pudelpointer originated in Germany, created by crossing the Poodle with the Pointer. A versatile, genetically sound and healthy gun dog emerged from this cross and the breed is useful for all kinds of work in the fields, woods and water. His coat can be wire-haired, smooth/short, or rough and his coat color ranges from light brown to black. He may also have small white markings.

The Pudelpointer, as a hunting breed, needs regular exercise. Options for exercise could include play time in the backyard, preferably fenced, or being taken for walks several times a day. Exercise can also come in the form of indoor activities, like hide-and-seek, chasing a ball rolled along the floor, or learning new tricks. Certain outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, or retrieving balls or flying discs can provide a good outlet for expending energy. Note: The Pudelpointer absolutely loves the water! Training for dog for hunting or sports like agility, obedience, and rally can also be a great way to give your dog exercise.