Woodrow retrieving duck
Woodrow in field


Jackson Creek’s Capt Call. aka “Woodrow”
66 lb

MediumDense, Medium Harsh

Performance Scores:
NA 112 pz1 UT 204 pz1

“Hip xrays:PennHip: HD free Very tight hips”

This dog never had a bad day. Always happy and a joy to be around.
He will hunt his heart out for you.

PennHip: HD free Very tight hips

JaegR sitting
JaegR pointing


JaegR is an extremely versatile dog. He hits the water hard and runs the field like an athlete. His prey drive is in the upper teir but yet retains a wonderful balance of trainability.

Physical Attributes:
Medium Dense
Medium Harsh

Performance Testing:
NA 112 PZ 1
UT 201 PZ 1
IT ………….

Hips: H/D Free

Goat pointing
Goat in field


Oxbow’s Big Gun, “Goat” is the definition of the versatile hunting dog.He loves to hunt ducks and geese all day at the lake. He will cast over 100 yards for pheasant, quail or chukar. This loveable goofball has a on/off switch for the field and the house, but make no mistake, he is tough as nails.