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What Makes a Hunting Dog a Worthwhile Companion

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If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, a hunting aficionado, or someone who simply loves the company of a loyal and spirited canine friend, then you’ve probably considered having a hunting dog as your trusted companion. Hunting dog breeds, with their unique set of qualities, have been cherished allies of hunters for centuries. Beyond their hunting initiative,… Read more »

The Benefits of Dog Boarding

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As a dog owner, taking a vacation requires extra planning so your canine companion is accommodated properly. Ensuring the well-being and behavior of your dog is important, especially while you’re away. Keep reading for the benefits you can find from boarding your dog with a professional boarding service! #1: Professional Care When you trust a… Read more »

Tips on Training Your Pup!

Training a dog is no easy feat, but training a new Pudelpointer puppy requires some pointers… no pun intended! Keep reading for tips to keep in mind while training your new pup from Jackson Creek Kennel! 1. The Earlier, The Better! Along with the standard potty training, manners, and daily routine, a Pudelpointer puppy should… Read more »

Why Adopt a Pudelpointer?

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If you couldn’t already tell, we love Pudelpointers here at Jackson Creek Kennel! There are several reasons why a Pudelpointer makes an ideal companion for your family and or recreation needs, and we’re here to give you the rundown. Keep reading for what we adore about Pudelpointers and the characteristics you can expect your Pudelpointer… Read more »

Stella & Dale’s Prize One

For avid lovers of hunting dogs, the Natural Ability Test (NA) Test is always an exciting time for the remarkable dogs and their handlers who assist them in taking the test. Conducted by local chapters of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (RMC-NAVHDA), this test evaluates dogs in three events – Field, Tracking, Water, … Read more »